Serving the Future

Major Sports



All male students grades 7-12 are eligible to play baseball at Columbia Academy if they have passing grades in 4 major subject areas. They must attend all pre-season meetings.


Player must have full dedication to the sport of baseball.  Respect must be shown to all coaches, players, and officials at all times.  Players must attend all practice and games, unless physically unable (requiring doctor’s excuse), has a family emergency, or a conflict with another school program.   It is mandatory that all students missing practice or games notify his coach before that date.


Practice times are Monday through Friday from 3:15 p.m. till 5:30 p.m.  This is subject to change due to weather or time specific practices.  Students missing practice without a VALID excuse will owe the rest of the team 30 foul poles.  Students missing a game without a VALID excuse will owe the team 90 foul poles.  We hope this encourages students to be dedicated enough to make every practice or game unless there is an emergency.



All students in grades 1st through 12th have an opportunity to participate in basketball at Columbia Academy.  To become a member of a team, students must meet eligibility requirements of Columbia Academy and MAIS, sign up, and attend all practices. The PeeWee Basketball Team is made up of 1st through 4th graders.  We have a 5th and 6th grade Travel Team, who get the opportunity to compete against other teams in our area. Our Junior Varsity team is made up of students in grades 7th through 9th, and our Varsity team is made up of students 10th through 12th.


Team members are required to attend all practices and games, and also attend the summer team camps help at Madison Ridgeland Academy. Practices are held at specified times Monday through Friday, before and during basketball season.



Students are able to begin football in the fourth grade.  Our youth program includes students in grades 4-6.  Traditionally these students are divided into two teams based on age and ability.  The teams play other schools in the MAIS. The youth football season gets kicked off each year by a late summer football camp conducted by the high school staff.


Students in grades 7-9 participate in our junior high program.  When numbers allow this group is also divided into two teams.  Two games are usually played on Thursday nights.


High school football includes primarily students in grades 10-12. Although our teams have struggled from a win/loss vantage in recent years we still maintain a respected program. Every attempt is made to make our players experience a positive one.  These students begin practices in the hottest part of the year in an extremely physical and mentally demanding sport.


Minor Sports



All male or female students are encouraged to participate in archery.  Being that this is a minor sport, we understand that other sports have priority over archery.  We do not want to discourage anyone from participating in archery because they think they won’t have time due to other sports.


To join the team a student must either see Coach Dale or sign up in the office. The only requirement is to attend each meet unless there is a conflict with another sport, and each student must be passing 4 major subjects.  Practices, when they are scheduled, are after school by Hubby’s Hut.  All team members must attend all practices, unless there is a conflict with another sport.

We plan on attending at least two shoots this season.  Last year we attended one shoot, in which the archery team place 4th.





Cross Country

Any student in grades 6-12 can participate in Cross Country. To become a member of the team, student must meet eligibility requirements of MAIS and Columbia Academy, sign up, and attend practices.  


The CA Cross Country team has been the AA State Champions for 5 years. At the 2009 State Championship in October, we had one of the most dominating performances in MAIS history.  We placed 6 runners in the top ten and scored a near perfect 18 points (15 is perfect) in winning our third straight AA State Championship by 50 points.  Channing Stringer won the Overall and AA Individual State Championships.  He was undefeated in MAIS competition. 





Each player must be a student in good standing, passing all subjects, and willing to follow the rules set forth by the school and coaching staff. The student initiates his involvement with the golf team by signing up and participating in practice sessions leading up to tournaments.


Students are required to pay for their own uniform. They are to provide their transportation to and from practice and tournaments. Players are to attend the two instructional practices per week. These practice sessions will be held either at Columbia Country Club or Shadow Ridge Golf Course.


The top six players with the lowest score and one alternate will make the travel squad to away school sanction tournaments. (Exception will be the district and state tournaments, all players will attend these tournaments.)  A player not qualifying to go on scheduled tournaments may challenge the alternate to a 5 hole play off at least two days before scheduled tournament to gain a spot on the travel squad. The player with the lowest score will assume the travel spot until challenged and defeated.


We are presently starting up a girl’s golf team. The hope is that we can develop a well rounded program that will lead to scholarships for our woman athletes.







Any student in grades 7-12 can participate in the Track program at Columbia Academy.  To become a member of the Track team, a student must meet the eligibility requirements of MAIS and Columbia Academy, sign up, and attend practice sessions. 


Each year a parent meeting is held prior to the season to discuss necessary paperwork, expectations, and practice times.


The most pressing need of the track program is improvements in practice facilities.  We currently do not have a shot put pit, discus pit and cage, or a pole vault facility.