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Mr. Baxter White Jr.


Drug Testing Information

Columbia Academy will conduct random drug testing again this year.  The testing will be under the supervision of Drug Free America and will begin soon.  Students will be selected at random and asked to provide a urine specimen.  To enable this task to be accomplished in a timely and efficient manner, please encourage your students (in grades 7-12) to wait until break to use the bathroom because they may be one of the chosen ones.  However, we do not want anyone to damage themselves or be embarrassed in any form.  Using the facilities early upon arrival at school may prevent them from providing necessary liquids later in the morning for the drug test.  If your student is selected and cannot give a specimen in a timely manner, the company will collect a hair sample to use for the testing.  The hair sample test will be valid for the previous 45 days and will be conducted at a cost of $49 which will be added to the patronís account.  This process will only occur if the student cannot provide a sufficient urine sample in a reasonable amount of time.  If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at the school.